Directed Individual Study with Steven Aimone

Due to Covid 19 restrictions, no in-person Aimone Art Workshops, including the Master Series residencies, are currently scheduled. 

Aimone Art Workshops has held Master Series Residencies annually for the past decade, most often at Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, Florida and most recently at Montreat Conference Center near Black Mountain, North Carolina. In addition, Advanced Independent Study Workshops have been held each summer at the Thomaston Academy in Thomaston, Maine. We are eager to resume these offerings and will do so as soon as Covid ceases to make them unsafe to conduct.

Enrollment in these workshops has been and will continue to be by application only. Sessions are limited to 15 participants plus assistants.

Aimone Art Services invites artists to apply to participate in our annual and semi-annual Master Series Residency Workshops held in locations in North Carolina, Maine, and Florida.  Over the years, participants have found these workshop/retreats to be life and career changing experiences. This week of immersion with Steven Aimone often serves as springboard for creative and professional breakthroughs.

propose individual mission statements to explore territory of intensive interest. This mission satement that serves as a genesis points for work during the retreat. One-on-one coaching and interactive discussion take place throughout in a comfortable and safe environment for all participants. Group discussion is encouraged and facilitated. 

Participating artists enjoy generous work spaces, individual lodging, and group dining experiences. The environment is self-contained and fosters an ideal setting to work, free of interruption and distraction. Applicants are chosen based on their work and space considerations

Please check back here for announcements of new Master Series Workshop offerings as soon as they are made available.


A Steve Aimone workshop... is like going to painting heaven. He has the gift of summoning the best from his students and creates a space for students to reach beyond where they have been before—a place of safety and support, where risks are encouraged and magic happens. Because of his leadership, there is a sense of connectedness among all participants that is nurturing, accepting, and loving. And, there is laughter! All of this on a beautiful campus set amid the lush landscape of the Florida coast. I recommend the Master Series Workshops unreservedly. 
—Duane Couch; New Orleans, Louisiana
I found my teacher when I found Steven Aimone. I bought Steve's book and began experimenting with the challenges and watched my work transform. I took the Master Residency at the ACA in 2015, and the change in my work has been nothing short of miraculous. (It is) a not-to-be-missed experience for any abstract artist. Aimone is one of the best teachers I have experienced in any field. He is a masterful mentor under whose tutelage students soar in their development and a deeply kind person who encourages and enables students to paint intuitively from their truth.  
—Dr. Nancy Hillis; Santa Cruz, California
Attending the Directed Individual Study Retreats.. with Steve Aimone has produced major changes in my art-making. This is a total immersion experience with talented artists, a gifted mentor, a beautiful environment, fabulous studio space, and delicious food. We live, breathe, talk, and make art. We share stories— worries, blocks, vulnerabilities, and breakthroughs—it is a situation in which I have made friends for life. Steve nudges us along on our individual journeys in a generous and skillful way, helping us overcome our personal art demons. There is just no place and no experience like it!  
—Jane Kenyon; Vancouver, BC 
I enjoyed my (Master Series experience) on many levels. Steve Aimone was a wonderful catalyst for helping us get to know one another, and he continued to share a warm and open dialogue with us throughout the week. He is a skilled facilitator and thoughtful mentor in his one-on-one dialogues, as well as group discussions. The artists I met...were amazing and some will remain life-long friends... I found the Aimone residency to be rich in content and very rewarding. I feel confident recommending it to others interested in furthering their work. Both Katherine and Steve bring something special to the experience along with all the talented artists that attend these residencies.
—Stephanie Dalton; Atlanta, Georgia